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We streamline your collection business

Debbie is a debt collection system that offers behavioral communication and streamlined processes to high-volume collection companies. The majority of existing debt collection systems are based on financial systems. Debbie is based on marketing theories, as we believe that debt collection is about selling deposits.
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Built for high volume

Debbie ensures quality despite a high number of cases. We make sure to concentrate the resources of case workers - where they count and automate previous manual processes without compromising quality - quite the opposite.

Intuitive interface for higher productivity

Intuitive overview and quick access to essential features are Debbie's building blocks to reach happy users while helping to increase efficiency.

Analyze your data - drive intelligently

The Debbie product Cosmo continuously collects new and relevant data on debtors' behaviour, then analysing the data and making recovery behavioral. It provides by definition the building block for the most efficient recovery.


Digitize your case management and focus on your business

Debbie is a secure software-as-a-service that, despite its complexity, does not require special technical prerequisites and can be easily integrated with other systems. You can focus on your business while taking advantage of the big gains that await in digitizing claim recovery.

What do customers say?

Debbie has helped us automate our daily workflows, and they also offer a good overview of our many cases. This has resulted in an increase in the bottom line. We can recommend Debbie to others.

Danish Supply Collection CEO on in-sourcing of debt collection

Debbie is easy to work in, and we spend almost no time on manual processes that we have been flooded with in the past.

Law firm Intellecto, Case Manager

Leave the technique and expensive consultancy bills to us and use your energy where it creates the most value.